14 Day Notice To Quit


To:& All other Occupants


Your rent being in arrears, you are hereby notified to quit and deliver up on or before four-
teen (14) days from your receipt of this notice, the above described premises now held by
you as my tenant.

The premises located at:

,, MA .

together with all privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging.

As of the above date, the amount of your arrearage balance is as follows: $

If you fail to vacate the premises, I shall employ the due course of law to evict you.

Reservation of Landlord's Rights

If you are a tenant at will and if you have not received a Notice To Quit for Non-Payment of
Rent within the last twelve months, you have a right to prevent termination of your tenancy
by paying or tendering to your landlord, your landlord’s attorney or to the person to whom
you customarily pay your rent, the full amount of rent due within ten days after your receipt
of this notice.

If any tender of monies or payments does not comply with the requirements noted above or
otherwise cure or excuse the breach as provided by law, all monies paid to the landlord
shall be accepted for use and occupancy only and not for rent, without waiving any right to
possession of the premises and without any intention of reinstating your tenancy or estab-
lishing a new tenancy.

You are hereby notified to produce this notice at any court where this case may be heard.

Very truly yours,

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