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What Constables Can Serve

All bonded constables may serve, within the Cities or Towns in which they are appointed or elected, the following:
  • All Summons and Complaints, as of 7/1/87 with no Ad Damnum stated, or up $7000.00 if stated in the complaint
  • Writs and Trustee Process  (Under $7000.00 or any amount with a an approved 4c motion)
  • Real Estate Attachment (Under $7000.00)
  • Land Court Process
  • Executions
  • Supplementary Process in any amount
  • Small Claims Notices and Notices to Show Cause
  • All Process under Mass. G.L. Chap. 239
  • Summary Process, Ejectments, etc.
  • Notices of all kinds and Demands
  • Capias Civil Arrest
  • Probate Court Process, Domestic Relations
  • Subpoenas: Criminal, Civil, Federal
  • And other certain writs and papers from District Courts
  • The Superior, Supreme Judicial and United States District Court and may serve all process under Rule 4c of the Federal and Mass. Rules of Civil Procedure
The following may be served anywhere by a Constable, including process of all kinds not required to be served by
an officer:
  • Summons and Complaint for Divorce, Subpoenas (Criminal, Civil and Federal), Probate Citations, Notices and Letters of all kinds.
The jurisdiction of Constables in Massachusetts is in most cases limited to the cities and towns in which they are appointed or elected, with very limited exceptions.

An original BOND in the amount of $5,000 must be filed with each city or town clerk of the Constable's appointment or election.
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